About Us



At Pawfect Style, we're really proud of the service we can offer your dog.

Our grooms range from breed standard traditional grooms, to modern or more practical style grooms for your dog.


A dog lover first and foremost, Jo wanted to create a dog grooming experience where each dog could feel comfortable and enjoys its visit.


Jo has previously worked in a primary school for the past 10 years so is no stranger to working in an environment which demands patience and care, Jo has moved this on from the children to the dogs to ensure they get the treatment they deserve whilst in her care.


As Jo lives and breathes dogs, she decided to put her love for dogs to good use and embarked on an intensive level 3 City and Guilds dog grooming course before opening Pawfect Styles in its purpose built facilities in Highfields, Caldecote.


All sizes and breeds of dogs are welcome. Our equipment is fully adjustable for all sizes of dog. Puppies are welcome, as soon as they are fully vaccinated.


At the beginning of each groom your dog will receive a basic health check. Your dogs coat will then be brushed to remove any mats and tangles before they are bathed. The shampoo used will depend on your dogs coat and skin type. If your dog requires a specific shampoo type or has a prescribed shampoo, please tell us so that we can use this for them.


After your dog has been dried we will then brush their coat through again before they are styled and finished to your requirements. Your dog will then have its nails clipped and eyes and ears cleaned.


All grooming tools, crates and equipment are disinfected and sterilised after every dog, to protect your dog's health.